Bunions Causes and Treatment

If you’re suffering from bunions that are impacting your life, Dr. Zahid Ladha at Foot First Podiatry in New Albany, IN offers compassionate and personalized care to help you achieve relief.

Guide to Bunion Causes and Treatments

Even though not everyone talks about it, almost a quarter of the population suffers from bunions. These abnormal growths can cause many issues, including misaligned joints, pain, and suffering. What exactly causes them? And how can a podiatrist help? Dr. Ladha and the team at Foot First Podiatry in New Albany, IN answer these questions and more below. 

Why Do Bunions Form? 

Bunions are formed when the big toe is pushed inward, leaning more toward the second toe. This causes a painful growth over the toe joint, known as a bunion. 

Generally, bunions are caused by issues in the mechanics of your foot – something that’s often inherited. However, both those who are genetically predisposed to bunions and those who aren’t might suffer from them due to the following factors and habits.

  • Shoes that are too tight: When your shoes are too small – or the toe box is pointy – the big toe is pushed inward. 
  • Heels: Wearing high heels means that your foot is constantly sliding forward toward the toe of the shoe. Even if the shoes fit, this constant pressure can lead to bunions. 
  • Foot structure: Flat feet and low arches affect how your weight is distributed across your feet. This often leads to bunions. 

Bunions typically develop over time – they are not an overnight condition. And most can be prevented by wearing shoes that provide enough space, avoiding high heels, and having the right arch support. 

Treatment for Bunions 

If you’ve already developed bunions, all hope is not lost. In most cases, they can be treated through conservative means. These include: 

  • Changing to shoes that provide the necessary space and support 
  • Custom orthotics, which can help correct any biomechanical issues
  • Splints that can be worn while sleeping to help realign the joint
  • Therapeutic exercises to stretch and strengthen the toe, correct alignment, improve joint mobility, and more 

If conservative methods do not provide the desired results, surgery is an option to realign the toe and remove the bunion.

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