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By Foot First Podiatry
May 30, 2018
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A range of conservative methods for treating hammertoes is available, but unfortunately, the condition frequently progresses beyond the point where anything but a surgical procedure will provide the necessary relief of pain and discomfort. These surgical procedures will straighten out the toe by aligning the joints and by decreasing unnecessary contractions of the tiny tendons that connect the toe to the muscles. This will ensure that the toe remains straight during your daily activities.

Common hammertoe surgeries

There are two main types of surgery that are applied in hammertoe treatments:

●      The fusion method—Removal of the disfigured joint is followed by mending the two ends together with specially designed hardware. The ligaments and tendons that help support the toe will be modified and possibly relocated from the top of the toe to the bottom where it can exert the correct pressure to keep the toe in the proper position.

●      The joint resection method—This procedure is used primarily for hammertoes that are completely inflexible. It involves the removal of the end of the joint so straightening can be performed and held in position with hardware while the toe adopts the correct position.

What can I expect during recovery from hammertoe surgery?

You will most likely be able to return home on the day of the procedure because most hammertoe surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis with an injected local anesthetic. The usual recovery period ranges from four to six months and involves a physical therapy program to help strengthen your toes and regain some of the flexibility.

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