By Foot First Podiatry Center
July 24, 2019
Category: diabetic foot care
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The heightened blood glucose levels that come with diabetes can cause nerve damage to the extremities, so the hands and feet are usually the first places that complications arise. The reduced ability to feel pain or discomfort in your feet can cause you to neglect or not even notice injuries and disease, so extra care is needed.

4 essential foot care tips for patients who have diabetes include the following:

  1. Properly manage your diseaseAs a diabetic patient, be certain that you understand and follow all of your doctor’s recommendations for managing your disease. See your foot doctor regularly, especially if you have any problems like ingrown toenails or cuts that aren’t healing properly
  2. Perform daily foot inspections—Do a complete foot inspection every day and look for any blisters, scrapes, cuts, ingrown toenails, etc. Always make certain to check between your toes since infections often start in the cracks. Don’t forget to check the bottom of your feet. Using a mirror can make that easier if you have trouble.
  3. Keep your feet clean and dry—Wash your feet at least once every day with warm water and soap. Dry carefully, especially between your toes. Apply moisturizer to dry areas, but not between your toes to help avoid infections.
  4. Avoid cuts and injuries by protecting your feet—When you have diabetes, you should always wear protective shoes that have good support, even when just walking around the house or yard. Just getting a splinter or small cut can cause an unnoticed infection that can lead to amputation.

If you are experiencing foot complications caused or exacerbated by diabetes, see your podiatrist for the proper care. Schedule an appointment with the Foot First Podiatry Center in New Albany, IN. Our highly qualified podiatrist Dr. Zahid Ladha, D.P.M., is dedicated to providing the best diagnostic care and medical treatment for you and your feet. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today!