By Foot First Podiatry
July 18, 2018
Category: bone health

While many people are under the impression that osteoarthritis, caused by bone loss, is primarily a disease that affects women, but in reality, men are also susceptible, but usually show symptoms later in life and not as quickly as those experienced by postmenopausal women. And despite the fact that men have fewer fractures in the feet and ankles from osteoarthritis, their injuries are likely to be more disabling and possibly life-threatening than for women.

4 Interesting facts about bone loss

  1. Twenty percent of men over the age of fifty will experience an osteoarthritis linked bone breakage in their lifetime, with many of those happening to the feet and ankles.  A stress fracture in the foot is very often an early sign of osteoporosis. Nearly one-third of all hip fractures actually occur in men.
  2. Men will experience bone loss as they age, but not as fast as women do, especially during menopause.
  3. Doctors often do not check on bone health for men at the same rate that they do for women in patients that have been admitted for fractures from falls or accidents.
  4. Men who are being treated for a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, celiac disease, depression and cancer should also be evaluated bone loss.

Risk factors for bone loss include smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages, a genetic predisposition, Parkinson’s disease, and MS (multiple sclerosis). Many medications are also known to increase bone loss.

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