By Foot First Podiatry Center
June 27, 2018
Category: Foot Care

If you are an average, reasonably healthy person, you can expect to put over four thousand steps on the ground on any given day, so you need to be careful about your foot health and take further steps to keep your feet and ankles strong and flexible, thereby reducing the chances of sustaining an injury in the first place. Proper foot care also helps avoid fungal toenail infections and plantar warts, among many other conditions.

6 proven preventative measures to keep your feet healthy include the following:

  1. Foot protection—Prevent injuries by wearing supportive shoes that are properly sized and fitted. Make sure you wear breathable socks and shoes that are protective but that will help prevent moisture retention.
  2. Strength and flexibility exercises—A wide array of exercises can be tried, so be sure to add them to your daily program.
  3. Cleanliness—Keeping your feet clean will go a long way to help avoid bacterial, fungal, and viral infections and diseases.
  4. Proper toenail trimming—One of the major causes of toe problems is ingrown toenails. These are often caused by haphazard cutting technique. Always cut your nails straight across and not too short so that the edge of the nail doesn’t grow into the skin, or better yet have your foot doctor trim your toenails to avoid any unnecessary damage.
  5. Daily foot inspections—Check for changes in color to the nails and skin. Yellowing of the nails may indicate a fungal nail infection. This yellowing may be accompanied by a stinky odor. If you notice any cuts, bruises, or blisters, be sure to treat them promptly to avoid infection since this can lead to amputation in diabetic patients.
  6. Diabetic foot care—Any wounds, corns, and calluses should be cared for by your foot doctor to avoid causing complications and possible infection and amputation.

If you have trouble reaching or inspecting your feet, enlisting the services of a skilled podiatrist can take the pressure off. Schedule an appointment with the Foot First Podiatryin New Albany, IN. Dr. Zahid Ladha, our experienced podiatrist, is committed to improving your foot health through excellence in diagnostic care and medical treatment. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today!