By Foot First Podiatry
October 11, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

Many people do not realize that their ability to walk, run, or joyfully jump up and down requires the use of the Achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscles and foot. But when this normally robust tendon gets overworked or injured, the result can be a serious injury that causes considerable pain and discomfort.

Repetitive exercise activities such as running, jumping, playing tennis and basketball can easily aggravate the Achilles tendon, most often when the intensity of a particular activity is suddenly increased.

While it may be initially gratifying for your ego to continue exercising after you feel the mild ache of Achilles tendonitis, once the pain and discomfort of a worsening injury kick in, you may wish to reassess your motives—Achilles tendonitis hurts!!!

The usual initial treatments for Achilles tendonitis and related tendon and ligament injuries include:

  • RICE—Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. The fab four.
  • Stretching exercises—There are a variety of ways to limber up your calf muscles and tendons to avoid these types of injuries in the first place.
  • Orthotic insertsYour podiatrist has a variety of rather subtle yet effective devices up his or her sleeve that can have a profound and quick therapeutic effect for a surprising number of ailments.
  • Switch activities—Taking the stress off the foot by switching to a low impact or no impact activity such as swimming is a great way to give your Achilles tendon a rest.

One of the most detrimental actions you can take is to neglect the initial pain and push too hard. Give yourself some time to heal right at the beginning, and you will have an easier time in the long run.

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