By Foot First Podiatry
November 08, 2017
Category: Senior Foot Care
Tags: Bunions   corns   calluses   tendonitis  

Your feet take a lot of punishment over the course of a lifetime. It’s estimated that the average person will put over 125,000 miles on them, so they are bound to suffer from the same types of injuries as the rest of our aging bodies, and then some!

Effects of aging on the feet include:

  • Balance related problems—A disease called peripheral neuropathy primarily affects those diagnosed with diabetes and is characterized by a lack of feeling and numbness in the extremities, including the feet and ankles. In addition to other problems, this lack of feeling can make it difficult to maintain balance, increasing the occurrence of falls and injuries.
  • Skin abnormalities and lesions—Our skin becomes less hydrated and resilient as we age resulting in conditions including cracked heels, corns, and calluses. Lesions may also develop and should always be evaluated since malignant melanoma can look like other skin problems that are benign.
  • Weakening of tendons, ligaments, and muscles—As these structures lose their strength and flexibility, a variety of ailments ensue including tendonitis, falling arches, and muscle spasms and strains.
  • Toenail issues—As we get older, our toenails become more brittle and so thick that they are hard to trim properly. One of the leading causes of ingrown toenails and infection is improperly cut toenails.
  • Arthritis—Osteoarthritis often strikes the big toe, middle foot, and ankle joints. It increases the debilitation caused by other conditions including bunions, gout, and hammertoes.
  • Swelling—Age related hormone imbalances, circulatory problems, and certain medications can increase inflammation in the feet and ankles.

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