By Foot First Podiatry Center
October 02, 2018
Category: diabetic foot care

A foot ulcer is potentially a life-changing occurrence for someone who has diabetes. Because nerve damage caused by diabetes reduces or eliminates all sense of feeling in the feet, even a relatively minor injury can go undetected and quickly morph into a diabetic foot ulcer that needs aggressive treatment to avoid spreading and the possible need for amputation.

Taking good care of your feet is the best way to avoid a foot ulcer and also avoid the possible amputation of one of your toes, or even an entire foot in some cases.

2 essentials to prevent diabetic foot ulcers include the following:

  1. Proper shoes with inserts and stabilizers—Wearing shoes that are too tight is one of the most common risk factors for diabetic foot problems. Your shoes should be comfortable yet supportive, so you don’t want them to be too loose either. Excessive rubbing can cause skin damage and blistering, so always choose shoes with a wide toe box.  Special shoes for diabetic patients have extra room for shoe inserts and ankle braces, as well as the proper cushioning and heel depth.
  2. Regular foot inspections—Peripheral nerve damage caused by diabetes can make it difficult to know when you have hurt yourself. By making a habit out of daily foot inspections you look for cuts, blisters, scrapes or other skin conditions like warts and moles. If you have cracked heels or heel fissures, these need to be treated to avoid bacterial and fungal infections. Check the bottom of your feet carefully, as well as between the toes. Use a mirror if you have trouble seeing the bottom of your feet.

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