By Foot First Podiatry
July 03, 2018
Category: Foot Care

A primary aspect of proper foot care is the prevention of foot and ankle problems from happening or worsening. While the importance of regular foot inspections, the wearing of properly fitted shoes, and maintaining health through strength and flexibility exercises are essential, another excellent way to ensure the health of your feet and ankles is through the use of custom-made orthotic inserts. These inserts can be used in addition to corrective shoes to add support and to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle problems.

Custom orthotic shoe inserts alleviate a variety of problems

●      Pain abatement—The cushioning and isolation provided by custom orthotic inserts can help relieve the pain from many conditions including corns, calluses, and high arch related conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

●      Stabilization—Balance braces and devices that help with balance and ankle wobbling can be instrumental in preventing falls in the elderly and in diabetic patients.

●      An alternative to surgery—Proper placement of orthotics by your podiatrist can eliminate the need for more invasive procedures requiring a surgical intervention.

●      Correction of abnormal foot structure—Bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, tendonitis, flat feet, and high arches, can all be treated with the addition of custom orthotic inserts.

●      Treatment of diabetic foot problems—The combination of specially designed footwear with custom orthotic inserts can prevent diabetic foot ulcers and other injuries that may lead to infection and eventual amputation.

Getting all the benefits out of orthotic inserts requires the services of an experienced podiatrist for the most complete evaluation of your foot structure and movement. Schedule an appointment with the Foot First Podiatry in New Albany, IN. Our highly qualified podiatrist Dr. Zahid Ladha is dedicated to providing the best diagnostic care and medical treatment for you and your feet. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today!