By Foot First Podiatry
March 09, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: Bunions   corns   hammertoes  

Corns are annoying and sometimes painful if there is repeated pressure in the area around the corn. There are plenty of medicated products to treat corns but people who have fragile skin or poor circulation in their feet should consult our office right away. Foot First Podiatry can help to avoid further discomfort or complications. 


  • Thick, hard patch of skin
  • Bump on the skin
  • Flaky dry skin in the area
  • Tenderness and pain

It is amazing how many healing properties some of our food offers us. The following suggestions are home remedies using ingredients you may already have in your refrigerator.


  • Soak your foot in hot water and baking soda to soften
  • Sand the corn with a pumice stone or nail file to remove dead skin
  • Make a paste out of baking soda lemon juice and water apply to corn
  • Soak a cotton ball in castor oil and tape to the corn overnight
  • Apply fresh lemon juice on the corn three times a day
  • Rub crushed garlic on the corn and let it dry, cover it with a band aid and leave on over night


  • Walking without shoes
  • Wearing shoes without socks
  • Manual labor
  • Sports activates that put pressure on feet
  • If you have bunions, hammertoes or damaged sweat glands
  • Diabetes or other conditions that involve poor blood flow

Zahid Ladha D.P.M. may recommend to surgically treat the corn or suggest special shoes or shoe inserts that will reduce pressure over the area where the corn is.  It isn’t difficult to get rid of a corn and there are many over the counter drugs that you could try but, the best way to keep it in control would be to make an appointment and seek regular foot care visits. This is helpful for people who tend to develop corns often and especially if they have diabetes or neuropathy. In those cases, if the corn becomes infected then you should seek medical care right away by calling our New Albany, IN office at 812-945-9221.