By Foot First Podiatry
May 21, 2018
Category: diabetic foot care

If you have numbing and tingling in your toes and feet you are unfortunately not the only one suffering from these problems. Diabetes affects many millions of people and one of the first major symptoms of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, which is nerve damage in the extremities caused by high blood sugar. This nerve damage brought on by abnormal glucose concentrations often causes a loss of sensation in the feet, which is why regular visits to your foot doctor become very important as this chronic condition progresses.

Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include the following:

●      Shooting or pins and needles pain

●      Burning feet sensation

●      Numbness

●      Weakening of muscles

●      Poor balance and coordination

●      Inability to detect temperature extremes

Diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathy

There are several ways to detect this condition, and one of the first tests performed by your foot doctor will be a nerve conduction study to determine how efficiently your nerves are sending and receiving messages. Your foot care specialist will also perform a thorough examination to look for potential diabetes-related complications such as ingrown toenails and foot ulcers. It is especially important to see your foot doctor at the first sign of infection or redness to ensure proper wound care and that a gangrenous condition doesn’t develop. This could lead to an amputation of a toe, foot, or even the entire lower leg.

A regular inspection and treatment protocol is vitally important to follow and will include management of blood sugar, and protect your feet from injuries and ulcer development with proper foot support using custom diabetic shoes and orthotic inserts.

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