By Foot First Podiatry Center
August 08, 2018
Category: foot pain
Tags: gout attack  

A gout attack is an extremely painful occurrence that is caused by the buildup of uric acid in the blood. This acid reaches a critical level that causes it to crystallize into the outer joints of the hands, wrists, knees, the ankle joints, and the most frequently, the joint of the big toe. This big toe pain frequently happens at night and the toe becomes so sensitive to touch that even slightly bumping your toe or just brushing a sheet over your it can an cause severe pain.

This condition of gout is actually a form of arthritis that is caused by eating a diet that increases the production of uric acid in the body. Grain-based alcoholic beverages like bourbon and beer are known to increase uric acid formation in the blood. As soon as the uric acid reaches a certain concentration, just one more drink can bring on an attack. Rich foods that are high in purines such as organ meats, seafood, and fatty steaks can also cause uric acid levels to get out of control.

You can moderate your blood uric acid levels and the chances of a gout attack by avoiding or limiting alcohol and the foods mentioned above, and by consuming low-fat dairy products that have been shown to protect one from getting gout. Drinking a small amount of organic apple cider vinegar or concentrated cherry juice added to a glass of water will also decrease your blood uric acid levels.

Although a gout attack will almost always dissipate over a few days, repeated attacks on the joints can cause permanent damage and decreased mobility, so it’s important to get your uric acid levels under control.

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