By Foot First Podiatry Center
June 11, 2019
Category: skin conditions
Tags: Blisters  

Blisters on your feet are caused by a combination of the temperature, sweat, and friction inside your footwear. Any skin irritation is exacerbated by footwear that isn’t properly fitted. If your footwear is too tight or too loose it can add to the tendency for blisters to develop.

If you notice a blister developing, removing the source of friction and carefully draining the blister without popping it will help to prevent it from worsening. Apply an antibiotic and cover the insulate the blistered area to help avoid future rubbing. You can avoid blister formation with some simple steps.

These actions will help prevent blisters from developing on your feet:

  • Look for “hot spots”—Areas of the skin on your feet that are prone to blistering will first become red and irritated and feel hot and painful. Look for these areas and notice the corresponding area inside your shoes to see if there is a part of your shoe that is causing the friction. Placing a moleskin paid over the red area will help insulate it from the rubbing. Change to shoes that don’t rub on the hot spots, as outlined in the next tip.
  • Wear properly fitted, supportive, and comfortable shoes— High heels and other shoes that push your toes together and rub on your feet increase irritation and blister formation. Always have your feet properly measured and buy shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Shoes with a wide toe box will help to avoid rubbing and blistering.
  • Drink plenty of healthy fluids to stay properly hydrated—It’s important to maintain proper hydration so your feet don’t become swollen. Drink fluids before, during, and after hard work, sports, and exercise to keep balanced and to avoid blister formation.

For blisters that aren’t healing properly or if you notice signs of infection see your foot doctor to determine the cause. Schedule an appointment with the Foot First Podiatry Center in New Albany, IN. Our highly qualified podiatrist Dr. Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. is dedicated to providing the best diagnostic care and medical treatment for you and your feet. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today!