By Foot First Podiatry
December 19, 2017

Falling injuries can happen to anyone, but they tend to affect people more as they age, with over 3 million seniors treated in emergency rooms every year for injuries that occurred from falls, with more than a quarter of those being for hip fractures. Many other severe injuries also occur to the feet and ankles, including ruptured tendons, muscle and ligament damage, fractures, and sprained ankles.

Many factors increase the risk of falling as we get older, including vision problems, balance issues, muscle weakness in the legs and feet, nerve damage from diabetes, and improperly fitted footwear. Some prescription and other medications may have a detrimental impact on balance, while vitamin and mineral imbalances can increase muscle weakness.

Tips to reduce falling risk:

Completely eliminating falling risk is next to impossible, but there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of suffering a debilitating falling injury. These include:

  • Throw rugs—Throw out the throw rugs. These tend to be very easy to lose your footing on as they slip out from under you as you walk.
  • Grab bars—Install grab bars in showers, tubs, and other bathroom areas.
  • Stay active—Improve your balance and stability by increasing your muscle strength and flexibility with a regular routine. Try doing it with friends to make it more fun.
  • Stairway safety—Well lit staircases and walkways are essential. Make sure handrails are properly secured.
  • Wire maintenance—Trips on wires can be prevented by tying up wires and keeping them out of walking areas.
  • Regular eye exams—One of the major cause of falls is poor vision. Keep up with your eye exams and get new glasses on a regular basis, at least every two years.

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