By Foot First Podiatry Center
August 22, 2018
Category: fractures

A toe can become injured and broken in many different ways. You could drop a heavy object such as a laptop computer on your foot. You might slam your toe into a curb while crossing the street, or perhaps you have suffered a repetitive stress injury to the foot from playing in sporting activities and doing hard training exercises that accumulate stress over time, causing one or more of your toes to experience a stress fracture.

Is it a severe or minor toe fracture?

A severe toe fracture may include the following symptoms:

  • Severely bent or disfigured and the bone may protrude from the skin
  • Bleeding or an open wound may be evident
  • Tingling and numbing may be noticed
  • Fever or chills, which can indicate a more severe injury

A severe toe fracture should receive prompt medical attention and requires the use of a cast or splint. Sometimes minor surgery is needed to remove bone and tissue fragments and to repair any damage. A broken toe will usually heal in five to six weeks or longer if surgery is necessary.

A minor toe fracture will show the following symptoms:

  • Intense pain and swelling
  • Bruised and broken skin and discoloration of the toenail
  • Severe pain when trying to move the toe

A minor toe fracture will usually heal on its own without any major complications. Immobilizing the broken toe by taping it to the adjacent toe and separating the toes with cotton or cloth will keep them from rubbing together.

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