By Foot First Podiatry
November 01, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

Expecting moms may sometimes get more than they bargained for when it comes to changes in the body. In particular, their feet have to endure the extra weight and pressure as the fetus grows, which can cause swelling and blood circulation difficulties. Since the vascular circulation in the pelvis and lower body lessens during pregnancy, blood can coagulate in the legs and feet. This edema, along with water retention and release of hormones, contributes to even greater difficulties with swelling and other foot problems.

Another major cause of foot pain during pregnancy is overpronation that results from the shifting center of gravity as your stance compensates for weight imbalance. This imparts additional stress and pressure on the feet, knees, and back.

Overpronation is characterized by an inward rolling of the feet that pushes on the arches when you are walking. The extra stress is felt by the plantar fascia which is the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot that runs from the heel to the toes. When this tissue becomes inflamed, walking becomes very painful or impossible. Fortunately, arch supports and orthotic inserts can be combined with supportive footwear to alleviate and prevent much of the pain and discomfort.

Left untreated, overpronation during pregnancy, or at any other time, can lead to further problems including tendonitis, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis.

With everything happening in your life, it’s nice to know that by consulting with your foot care specialist during your pregnancy, you can help avoid many common foot and ankle complications.

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