Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Gordon has found that nearly ninety percent of his patients who have undergone shockwave therapy reported improvement in their pain symptoms. In particular, shockwave therapy has proven effective for women who have pain or injury from excessive high heel use. High heels can cause a host of foot and ankle issues, including plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, corns, and calluses. Shockwave therapy helps regenerate tissue and creates new blood vessels, and therefore often proves effective at treating women’s’ high heel foot issues.

Although shockwave therapy may be an effective treatment for many different types of foot and ankle pain, it is important that you seek the advice of a podiatrist like Dr. Zahid Ladha, F.A.C.F.A.S. of Foot First Podiatry. Dr. Ladhawill examine your injury and work with you to determine if shockwave therapy is the best treatment option for your foot pain.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a new treatment option designed to treat bone conditions such as tennis elbow, shoulder pain, and others. This technique is used on patients that do not respond well to physiotherapy. Shockwave therapy uses high intensity sound waves that are directed to the affected tissues of the body with pinpoint accuracy. The effects are very beneficial, leading to a production of collagen fibers, eliminating inflammation.

Who Benefits from Shockwave?

Shockwave is recommended for patients suffering from heel pain and associated problems. Heel pain is a common condition which can be caused by obesity, overexertion, and spending a substantial amount of time on hard floors with your feet exposed and unsupported.

Fast and Easy

The therapy is actually a simple process that can leave patients feeling better the very next day. Shockwave therapy is not as dramatic as it sounds. It enables more blood flow to effected areas, attacking the source of the problem so treatment lasts for a long time.

Treatment & Recovery Time

Shockwave treatment will enable your feet to recover quickly. This is especially important since surgery is not required. It is cost effective and does not require the use of anesthesia. This treatment is a better option to surgery, since it is proven safe.


There has been some controversy regarding the use of shockwave therapy. Traditionalists, along with many doctors, believe there’s a connection between shockwave and new-age. Others argue there is no true answer to how exactly shockwave therapy works.

Shockwave therapy does provide relief from pain to the feet and legs. It is also very effective during the recovery period. Even though this treatment is known for positive results, it still is new to the field of medicine, the main reason for its controversy.    

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