By Foot First Podiatry
May 26, 2017

Little feet are sensitive and need extra love and care. It is true that children’s feet are different from those of adults because they are actively growing and developing. Their foot problems should be brought to a doctor’s attention and Foot First Podiatry understands the needs of your children’s feet.

  • In-toeing and Out-toeing for children should be treated under the super vision of a podiatrist who specializes in children’s foot care to correct the situation.
  • Flat feet pain with children is a common concern among parents. Lack of an arch in the foot can cause significant problems but can be monitored to see if they grow out of it. In the interim the child should wear arch support shoes to ensure the foot develops away from the conditions of flat feet.
  • Foot deformities are more medically involved and may be corrected with proper shoes or braces. Some foot deformities can be caused by cerebral palsy, polio, muscular dystrophy or club foot.  Again, a podiatrist should be consulted from the onset.

When the warm weather comes and the kids ask to go to the playground we can’t always keep an eye on them every minute.  They are quick and fearless and we know the boys can be reckless sometimes. But we can keep their safety a priority by visiting our doctor for routine checkups. We tend to overlook podiatry as preventative health and forget that our feet take us everywhere our body needs to go.

Heel pain is common with children who play soccer and basketball.  Heel pain that is more sever is known as Sever’s disease and mostly occurs in children between the age of 8 and 14. Both boys and girls are equally susceptible to the disease. The pain happens where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone but the first sign is when your child starts rubbing their heels with their fingers at games or practices.

We do tend to watch our children when outdoors to make sure they do not wonder off with a stranger or fall head first into the slide but the subtle signs of recurring pain should be addressed too. If your child is showing any signs of foot or ankle discomfort or pain call  Zahid Ladha at 812-945-9221 and schedule an appointment. We are conveniently located in New Albany, Indiana and will be glad to check your child’s feet. We want to see your child play all summer without injury or pain.