By Foot First Podiatry Center
September 05, 2018
Category: Toenail conditions

An untreated fungal toenail infection will go through stages, evolving from a mild inconvenience to a severe infection that can even lead to the amputation of a toe or the entire foot. While less entrenched infections can be successfully treated with over the counter treatments, always check to make sure the fungus isn’t coming back with a vengeance, requiring more aggressive care.

An early stage fungal toenail infection will show up with white lines or spots evident on the surface of the nail. The nails will become thick, more yellow, and brittle. They can also exhibit a powdery and softened condition.

Initially, toenail fungus may respond well to topical treatments like antifungal creams and ointments. If this treatment is unsuccessful and the infection continues to get worse, the symptoms will become more severe.

Symptoms of an advanced fungal toenail infection:

  1. Color changes—More pronounced discoloration will occur with nails becoming brown, gray, or a deeper yellow
  2. Pronounced ridges—Raised ridges run across the nail
  3. Nail thickening—More severe thickening of the nails will occur
  4. Scaly looking skin—Skin near the nail will take on a scaly appearance
  5. Bad smell—A strong odor comes from the nail area

If a fungal toenail infection goes untreated and it continues to spread, it may be necessary to completely remove the nail. The fungi can eventually spread to your bloodstream with the potential for life-threatening complications, so don’t take chances. Laser therapy for fungal nails is the perfect solution for more advanced infections and is minimally invasive.

If you are concerned about an advancing fungal toenail infection, it is important to see a podiatrist for the proper care. Schedule an appointment with the Foot First Podiatry Center in New Albany, IN. Our highly-qualified podiatrist Dr. Zahid Ladha is dedicated to providing the best diagnostic care and medical treatment for you and your feet. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today!