By Foot First Podiatry
August 24, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: supportive shoes  

As the final days of summer tick down, the first days of school draw closer and closer. Its time for new notebooks, new pencils, and new back-to-school shoes! Yet with so many options, the process of shopping for your childs ever-changing feet can quickly become overwhelming. How do I find the right size? How do I choose the best shoe for my childs age? How do I find the best quality shoe for their day-to-day needs?


Here are some simple dos and donts to help you and your child spring confidently into this school year.



Measure your childs feet

Young feet grow very quickly, so be sure to measure each foot every time you shop for new children’s shoes.


Carefully examine the shoes

Look for firm heels, ample insole cushioning, and a strong built-in arch. The shoes should be bendable at the ball of the foot and supportive in the middle of the shoe.


Choose shoes based on your childs habits

Select the best shoes for your childs wear patterns. For example, if you know your child is prone to ankle sprains, choose a pair of supportive boots or high-top shoes. 



Measure your childs feet while theyre sitting down

To ensure an optimal fit when measuring, make sure your child is standing up with their full weight bearing down on each foot.


Force your childs foot into the shoe

Your child will need room to move and grow into their shoes. Allow for about one half inch (or one thumbs width) of space between the tips of the toes and the ends of the shoes.


Forget to take the shoes for a test drive

Have your child walk around the store wearing a clean pair of medium-thick socks, then check their foot for signs of irritation.


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