By Foot First Podiatry
January 31, 2018

For a variety of reasons, toenail fungal infections can be very difficult to eradicate. The inside of your shoes is the perfect growing habitat for fungi, where the warm, moist, and dark conditions help them thrive. Having reduced blood flow to your feet from systemic diseases such as peripheral artery disease and diabetes can also make toenail fungus become entrenched requiring more aggressive measures to effectively treat.

If you notice that a toenail fungal infection never seems to totally resolve, here are some issues to consider during your investigation:

What causes recurring fungal nail Infections?

  • Incomplete treatment—Over the counter remedies may not fully eradicate the fungi and symptoms may abate for some time and then slowly return. The infection resides underneath the nail and it can be extremely difficult to completely eradicate. Talk to your podiatrist about more advanced treatments.
  • Being exposed to the fungus—Be certain to decontaminate all of your footwear, and be sure to keep any shared bathroom and shower areas clean and fungi free to avoid picking up the microbes at home.
  • Lowered immune response—Certain medications may weaken your chances of fighting off an infection. Patients with diabetes are more susceptible to getting repeat fungal nail infections due to immune system dysfunction.

Preventing recurring toenail infections

 The following suggestions will help to keep a nail fungus infection from happening again:

  • Antifungal spray may be used on your socks, feet, and footwear.
  • Be careful to change your shoes every day so they have a chance to air out.
  • Wear protective footwear such as shower shoes or sandals in locker rooms and shower facilities.
  • Consult with your foot care specialist about more aggressive treatments including laser nail therapy and oral or topical antifungal medications. In severe cases, the nail may need to be removed surgically to treat the underlying infection.

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