By Foot First Podiatry Center
December 05, 2018
Category: toe deformities
Tags: corns   hammertoes   orthotic inserts  

It is always a good idea to seek treatment for foot conditions like hammertoes early when you first notice that there’s something off about your toes. In the beginning, they are much easier to treat because your toes are more flexible and can be forced into a straight position, whereas progressed hammertoes cause rigid, permanently-bent toes.

The further your toes bend, the more likely they will rub against the inside of your shoes where the constant friction will cause painful, oozing corns to develop right on the joint where they’re bent.

Needless to say, this is a very painful development that can be avoided when the hammertoe is treated earlier.

The best early hammertoe treatments include:

  1. Toe stretching and strengthening exercises—The towel scrunching exercise involves standing on a small towel and bunching up the cloth with your toes and releasing. Repeat ten times. Picking up small objects such as marbles with your toes and dropping them in a cup is also a good technique.
  2. Toe extension exercises—While spreading your toes, stretch them with the addition of manual manipulation and massage.
  3. Padding and orthotic inserts—Painful corns often appear on the tops of hammertoes and they can be insulated with pads. Orthotic inserts are used to redirect pressure and to help realign the bent toe.
  4. Shoes with a wide toe box—Choose shoes with a wider toe area and enough room for your toes to stretch without hitting the top of your footwear.

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