Flat FeetAccording to a new study conducted by Marian Hannan and other scientists at the Institute for Aging Research at Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston, flat feet can cause older women to experience pain in their lower backs.

Hannan and her colleagues asked test subjects to walk across a special mat with sensors inside of it designed to determine which part of participants’ feet touched the ground first while walking. The results showed that the female subjects who over-pronated were more likely to put strain on their muscles and therefore harm their backs.

Having flat feet can lead to pain now and down the road. If you have questions about arch support, contact a podiatrist like Dr. Zahid Ladha, F.A.C.F.A.S. of Foot First Podiatry. He and his staff can advise you on the best way to care for flat feet.

What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet are a condition in which the arch of the foot is depressed and the sole of the foot is almost completely in contact with the ground. Standing about 20-30% of the population generally has flat feet because their arch never formed during growth.


Pain around the heel or arch area
Trouble standing on the tip toe.
Swelling around the inside of the ankle.
Flat look to one or both feet.
Having your shoes feel uneven when worn


If you are experiencing pain and stress on the foot you may weaken the posterior tibial tendon, which runs around the inside of the ankle. There are several ways to help treat this pain and help flat feet.

Barefoot- studies show that those who grew up going barefoot, wearing less closed-toe shoes have more of an arch. This so happens because the strength and fullness of the arch increased.

Exercise- the will strengthen and stretch the area, helping with the Achilles tendon.

Shoe Inserts – orthopedists will often recommended patients with ankle supports. This reduces pain especially those who suffer from flat feet.

Surgery – tendon surgery is an option that can help with any posterior tears. As with any surgery, it is important to speak with your doctor for professional advice.       

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