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By Foot First Podiatry
June 15, 2017
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It is tempting to blame the cramping of your foot muscles on a long shift of work, or a bad fitting pair of shoes, but don’t assume that you are destined for agony at the end of the day!  Your feet may be cramping your style for reasons that will surprise you and some small changes can really help.  Read on to learn about some common foot cramp culprits.


At Foot First Podiatry we strive to bring you value and wellness at the same time.  Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. reminds his patients to drink plenty of water.  This is inexpensive, and this could be the difference between your suffering and your comfort. It may seem impossible that a few swallows of the plain water could relieve the chronic pains associated with foot cramps, but this is the most forgotten part of a healthy, daily routine.  YES, dehydration can cause enormous aches.  Increasing your water consumption will help soothe and nourish your aching muscle fibers, from the inside. This is essential to your comfort and to your health. Drink up!


Your feet withstand a lot of pressure, and in the hustle of a busy day it's easy to ignore your aches, but stop! Stop right now.  Some aches are just your body's natural alarm system.  Think of it as your tired feet requesting a well-deserved break. Try sitting in a comfortable chair, feet on the floor.  Then gently kick your heels up, and rest your ankles and leg muscles by placing your feet on another chair in front of you.  Do this in short intervals and be sure to wiggle your toes slowly while resting your legs.  Consciously make an effort to engage your various muscles then relaxing the same muscles, by pointing your toes then flexing your foot carefully, and slowly. If possible, rotate your ankle and foot in a smooth motion.  Feel the life coursing into your tired feet.

Junk Food

It is hard to resist fried foods on occasion, and we certainly don't want you to deprive yourself.  If you must indulge in junk foods, than at Foot First Podiatry we advise our patients to balance your diet with some nutritious input too. Eat more vegetables, choose lean proteins like fish or chicken and for a great way to soothe those achy feet, add healthy fat sources like Avocados, nuts, and flax oil.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   At Foot First Podiatry we believe that nobody should suffer with foot pain. If your aches do not ease up with our suggestions, please come see us in our Albany Location.   To schedule call us (812) 945-9221. 

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Never ignore severe pain!  If your pain is severe during after hours, go to the nearest emergency room. Schedule regular exams in our office to keep your feet healthy and pain free.