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By Foot First Podiatry
June 22, 2017
Category: Foot Care

At Foot First Podiatry,  Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. has a meaningful dialogue with every patient.  We are proud of our relationships to our patients. Our priority first is to build and earn your trust when you come to our office.  The next priority we enjoy is working with all our patients on a common goal to improve, enliven and awaken better foot health. 

  • To Improve

Thoughtfully consider the comfort or discomfort your feet feel.  If any pain has become persistent, or if any new blemishes, bruises or color changes appear, talk with us. (812)945-9221


  • To Enliven

To help enliven better foot health, add a simple routine of movement that focuses on your trusty toes and your hard-working feet.  Touch all ten toes if you are able.  Gently squeeze each toe tip.  Massage in circles, softly, around your ankles and the soles of your feet.  


  • To Awaken 

Give your heels a burst of life by cupping your hand with the curve of the heel and firmly squeezing.  Use approximately the same amount of pressure as you would to juice a firm lemon. Then gently use your thumb and index finger to firmly grip the Achilles tendon, at the back of your heel below your calf muscle. Roll your tendon slowly, deeply and enjoy the benefits of health from helping your blood to circulate.  Enjoy the warmth of life coursing through your veins and arteries and nourishing your heart and back to your toes, the way that it is designed. 


Whether you are experiencing a cosmetic imperfection you wish to change, or if you are suffering from a more complex medical foot ailment, we are ready to help you Improve, Enliven and Awaken better foot health.  It starts at the ground, at your feet. Congratulations on making a healthy choice, with us as your trusted podiatrist.  


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