Treating Peroneal Tendonitis

A type of tendonitis that is sometimes overlooked as the cause of foot and ankle pain is when it strikes the peroneal tendons along the side of the foot. These tendons give support to the foot muscles that control the rolling of your foot to the outside when standing, and also provide support to the arch structure.

The repetitive stress from everyday activities and exercise can accumulate over time, causing these tendons to become painfully inflamed and making it difficult or impossible to bear weight. In severe cases, tendons may become partially or completely detached from the fibula bone. This often occurs in conjunction with a severe ankle sprain.

The symptoms of peroneal tendonitis may be felt in the ankle and along the bottom of the foot, so it is important to get the correct diagnosis from your foot care professional to receive adequate treatment. Dislocation of the tendons can cause the foot to become unstable, and without proper treatment, problems with the arch can develop.

Treating peroneal tendonitis

Dislocated or torn tendons may sometimes be coaxed back into their normal position by avoiding putting weight on the foot. It may be necessary to use crutches, a compression bandage, splint or rigid boot to allow proper healing to occur. Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medication may taken, if advised by a medical professional, to reduce swelling and pain.

In severe cases of tearing or dislocation, a surgical procedure may be required to reattach the tendon to the bone.

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