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July 20, 2017
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Selecting a practical, comfortable, and work-appropriate wardrobe can feel like a job in and of itself, especially when it comes to your shoes. Studies show that as many as 9 out of 10 women wear shoes too small for their feet, and 8 out of 10 women report that their shoes are painful. Even a seemingly innocuous pair of professional shoes can leave you with soreness, blisters, and bunions by the end of a long day at the office!


Here are a few tips for navigating the store aisles and making the best choices for women’s shoes (while still retaining your sense of style):


High Heels

They may be flattering, leg-elongating, and chic, but high heels unfortunately host a wide array of women’s foot problems. By putting pressure on a narrow area of the foot, high heels contribute to back and knee problems, shortened calf muscles, and an uneven gait. This makes wearers more prone to potential injuries such as ankle sprains or fractures.


If you cant resist the allure of high heels, podiatrists like Dr. Zahid Ladha recommend well-fitted walking pumps with wide heels no higher than two inches. To minimize foot damage, its a good idea to alternate between your heels and well-supported walking shoes whenever possible. 



While flats are a more optimal choice for your feet than high heels, there are still many choices to consider. Foot doctors recommend searching for flats that feature:

  • round versus pointed toes
  • laces versus slip-ons
  • a wide space for your toes
  • a rubber or composition sole
  • a comfortable, spacious fit (no pinching or rubbing)



Nylon stockings retain heat and moisture, making them a breeding ground for fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot. They also inhibit foot and toe movement, leading to hammertoes and ingrown toenails. It is best to avoid wearing pantyhose or stockings whenever possible. If they are an essential part of your wardrobe, look for stockings that fit securely and dont slide around on your foot.


For more professional guidance on womens foot health, book an appointment with Foot First Podiatry Center, located in New Albany, IN. Our highly qualified podiatrist Dr. Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. is dedicated to providing the best medical care for your feet. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today!

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July 13, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

For better or for worse, most common foot problems are readily observable. Bunions, blisters, corns and calluses are all clearly visible on the exterior of your feet, and as a result, their diagnosis is straightforward. Less straightforward is the invisible pain of foot nerve damage, which results in a wide range of tingling, pricking, chilling, and stabbing sensations. How can you understand whats going on with your feet if you cant even see the issue, let alone describe the pain you feel? 


Luckily, podiatrists are experts in the process of diagnosing unseen nerve related foot pain. Here are some of the most common nerve problems that can occur in your feet. 



A violent contraction of the muscles, nerve spasms typically present as twitching movements of your toes and feet. They may be accompanied by fatigue, numbness, or a tingling (pins and needles) sensation. Since they are often linked to calcium and Vitamin D deficiency, treatment for spasms includes the regular use of supplements. 



Also known as cold feet, chilblains are characterized by an abnormal skin reaction to chilly environments. Red swellings can develop, which can become itchy, dry, and infected if left untreated. People with poor circulation and limited mobility are especially vulnerable to chilblains, so treatment focuses on keeping the extremities warm and well-protected.



Commonly linked to conditions of toxicity such as diabetes, alcoholism, or exposure to harsh chemicals, peripheral neuropathy is a loss of nerve function in the feet. Symptoms are often characterized by a particular burning pain, and treatment includes Vitamin B-12, gentle electrical stimulation, and magnetic therapy. 


If you are experiencing recurrent tingling or burning sensations in your feet, it could be linked to one of these common nerve problems. It is highly advisable that you seek the attention of a trained foot doctor.


At Foot First Podiatry Center, located in New Albany, IN, our highly qualified podiatrist Dr. Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. is dedicated to providing the highest quality diagnostic care and medical treatment for you and your feet. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today!

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July 05, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
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The term for bunions—those painful lumps created when your toes move out of place—is derived from the Old French word buigne, or “bump on the head.” This word refers to a bone deformity at the big toe, or “head” of your foot: the sensitive recipient of all that pressure, rubbing, and shifting each time you take a step.

Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take to prevent bunions from developing (or from getting bigger, if you already have them).

Toe Exercises

Foot doctors recommend stretching and resistance exercises for your big toes. These exercises include toe curls, toe flexes, and picking up marbles with your toes. With regular repetition, toe exercises can prevent stiffness and maintain the mobility of your joints. They’re also beneficial for other common toe problems such as hammertoes.

Protective Padding

Shoe liners—often made from felt material—are great for minimizing the friction created by rubbing shoes. They come in different shapes and thicknesses, ranging from rigid (for walking or dress shoes) to very soft (for soreness and shock-absorption). Orthotic devices also keep your foot in the correct position to prevent joint pain and misalignment. Of course, it always helps to wear properly fitted corrective and prescription shoes that provide enough room for bunions and prevent their further growth.

Bunion Splints

Your podiatrist can also recommend a variety of corrective splints for both daytime and nighttime wear. While most splints consist of a soft wrap that isolates the big toe from the rest of your foot, bunion patients have reported additional success with toe spreaders and spacers. These tools provide a nice stretch for your toes while preventing your big toes from turning inward.

Removal of Corns and Calluses

An intensive pedicure keeps the skin of your feet looking and—most importantly—feeling its best. Removing corns and calluses prevents additional build-up, which in turn keeps your shoes from rubbing and irritating your toes. A gentle foot massage with cream or lotion can also help to relieve the tension of your aching feet.

Surgical Treatment

In severe or ongoing cases, bunion surgery is recommended for the health and fitness of your feet. At Foot First Podiatry Center in New Albany, our highly qualified podiatrist Dr. Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. is dedicated to providing the best medical care for your feet. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today!


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June 29, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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The hassles of airline travel are no mystery to vacationers. In order to reach that exciting summer destination, you endure long lines, shuffling crowds, and several hours cramped in a narrow seat. On top of these issues, there’s the stress of packing adequate footwear for a wide range of weather and fun summer activities. Here are some tips for maintaining the health of your feet while managing the limited space in your suitcase.


If you can’t pack it, wear it.

Wear the biggest pair you plan to bring along for your trip, such as hiking boots or rain shoes. Pack no more than three pairs in your bag: athletic shoes for walking, flats or sandals for relaxing, and a pair of neutral-colored dress shoes for special occasions. 


Don’t pack brand new shoes.

When packing shoes for travel, it’s best to stick with the tried and true if you wish to avoid ankle sprains, fractures, and other common foot injuries. If you wish to purchase new shoes for your trip, don’t wait until the last minute: break them in with regular wear a few weeks before you leave. Foot First Podiatry Center also offers helpful tips on what to look for in children’s shoes, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, athletic shoes, and corrective prescription shoes.


Invest in high-quality socks.

Cheap, flimsy socks can actually undermine the benefits of good athletic shoes. Be sure to select the right socks based on:

  • height (to protect from abrasion with your footwear) 
  • fabric (a moisture-wicking material such as wool or nylon)
  • cushioning (to protect your feet during high-impact activities such as running and hiking)
  • fit (to fend off blisters, bunions, corns and calluses)


Pack a Foot First Aid Kit.

It’s always good idea to bring the following on-the-go grooming and safety materials:

  • pain medicine- for inflammation
  • aloe vera lotion- for skin irritation
  • sunscreen and antibiotic cream- to protect the skin of your feet
  • sterile bandages and blister pads- for foot injuries and abrasions
  • toenail clippers, pumice stones, and files- to smooth calluses or broken and ingrown nails


For more advice on preventative foot care, see a professional foot doctor. At Foot First Podiatry Center in New Albany, our highly qualified podiatrist Dr. Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. is dedicated to providing the best medical care for your feet. Contact us at (812) 945-9221 and schedule an appointment today! 





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June 22, 2017
Category: Foot Care

At Foot First Podiatry,  Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. has a meaningful dialogue with every patient.  We are proud of our relationships to our patients. Our priority first is to build and earn your trust when you come to our office.  The next priority we enjoy is working with all our patients on a common goal to improve, enliven and awaken better foot health. 

  • To Improve

Thoughtfully consider the comfort or discomfort your feet feel.  If any pain has become persistent, or if any new blemishes, bruises or color changes appear, talk with us. (812)945-9221


  • To Enliven

To help enliven better foot health, add a simple routine of movement that focuses on your trusty toes and your hard-working feet.  Touch all ten toes if you are able.  Gently squeeze each toe tip.  Massage in circles, softly, around your ankles and the soles of your feet.  


  • To Awaken 

Give your heels a burst of life by cupping your hand with the curve of the heel and firmly squeezing.  Use approximately the same amount of pressure as you would to juice a firm lemon. Then gently use your thumb and index finger to firmly grip the Achilles tendon, at the back of your heel below your calf muscle. Roll your tendon slowly, deeply and enjoy the benefits of health from helping your blood to circulate.  Enjoy the warmth of life coursing through your veins and arteries and nourishing your heart and back to your toes, the way that it is designed. 


Whether you are experiencing a cosmetic imperfection you wish to change, or if you are suffering from a more complex medical foot ailment, we are ready to help you Improve, Enliven and Awaken better foot health.  It starts at the ground, at your feet. Congratulations on making a healthy choice, with us as your trusted podiatrist.  


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