• Choose the Best Shoes and Socks for Your Child's Developing Feet
    While it might not be something you think about often (or at all), the health of your child’s feet is important. Your child is growing by leaps and bounds and Read more
  • Surgical Treatments for Troublesome Hammertoes
    A range of conservative methods for treating hammertoes is available, but unfortunately, the condition frequently progresses beyond the point where anything but a surgical procedure will provide the necessary relief Read more
  • 4 Tips to Prevent Toenail Fungus
    Toenail fungus is already more likely to spread in warm conditions, and when you add that to the already warm temperature in your shoes creates the perfect conditions for the Read more
  • Foot Numbness from Diabetes
    If you have numbing and tingling in your toes and feet you are unfortunately not the only one suffering from these problems. Diabetes affects many millions of people and one Read more
  • Fractured Foot Facts
    We all know that professional and Olympic athletes are more susceptible to experiencing fractures due to the intense amount of force and strength they deal with during competition and training. Read more
  • Treating Clubfoot in Children
    The condition known as clubfoot is a common congenital deformity affecting nearly 1 in 1000 kids and is characterized by an inward turning of the ankle so that the soles Read more
  • Preventing Sports Injuries
    For people who are involved in sports, it comes with the territory that there is always the risk of an injury. Of course, it isn’t always possible to prevent injuries, Read more
  • How to Deal With High Arches
    High arches are often an inherited condition caused by a bone disorder or neurological abnormality that is often beyond the control of the recipient. Since the arch remains high and Read more
  • Arthritis Causes Foot & Ankle Pain
    Arthritis is caused by a variety of conditions that erode the functioning of a joint causing inflammation and pain. While it often strikes the back, neck, hips, knees, and hands, Read more
  • Interesting Facts About Flat Feet
    When the entire bottom of your foot comes into contact with the ground when you walk, run, or stand, then you probably have flat feet. This foot abnormality is also Read more
  • Ankle Sprains & How to Treat Them
    Ankle sprains often happen suddenly and unexpectedly when you’re just out walking, maybe going for an early spring run, or playing other sports. All it takes is one wrong step Read more
  • 3 Related Toe Deformities
    Toe deformities can be attributed to an imbalance in the toe muscles and tendons, tight-fitting shoes, injury, or certain diseases that increase the likelihood that a toe will bend in Read more
  • Different Causes of Heel Pain
    Experiencing pain on the bottom of your foot or back of your heel is not always cause for concern. Minor heel pain will usually resolve with rest and by avoiding Read more
  • About Ingrown Toenails
    If you suffer from an ingrown toenail occasionally, it can be a painful inconvenience, but for some people, several toes can be affected over and over again, making an inconvenience Read more
  • Sesamoid Bone Problems
    A sesamoid bone is one that floats freely without being attached to any other bones and helps tendons and ligaments move more smoothly. Your kneecap is the largest sesamoid bone Read more
  • What is Charcot Foot?
    Charcot Foot is a type of arthritis that can develop suddenly, leading to inflammation and deformity in the feet. This foot problem commonly affects diabetic patients who experience numbness due Read more
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