• How to Pack the Best Shoes for Your Summer Travels
    The hassles of airline travel are no mystery to vacationers. In order to reach that exciting summer destination, you endure long lines, shuffling crowds, and several hours cramped in a Read more
  • Improve, Enliven, Awaken Starting At Your Toes
    At Foot First Podiatry,  Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. has a meaningful dialogue with every patient.  We are proud of our relationships to our patients. Our priority first is to build and Read more
  • Cramping Your Style
    It is tempting to blame the cramping of your foot muscles on a long shift of work, or a bad fitting pair of shoes, but don’t assume that you are Read more
  • Fungi and Sunshine
    Sunshine heals the fungi that lingers on simply because fungus hates light. Fungal nail can be tough to treat but Foot First Podiatry understands podiatric treatment and has plenty of Read more
  • Firey Feet
    Do your feet feel like you are walking across the stove? There are several reasons that can cause your feet to burn. Zahid Ladha specialize in burning feet and can Read more
  • Springtime Brings Playtime
    Little feet are sensitive and need extra love and care. It is true that children’s feet are different from those of adults because they are actively growing and developing. Their Read more
  • Hiking without Blisters
    Blisters and hiking go together as much as oil and water. Often it is a simple solution like having the wrong hiking boot combined with repeated friction to one area Read more
  • Facts about Flat Feet
    Many people who have flat feet do not experience any pain however, if flat feet are acquired in adult hood it can not only become painful but possibly disabling as Read more
  • What Kind of Spurs Do I Have?
    The spurs that we are most familiar with is on the heel of a riding boot often worn by cowboys and designed to dig into a horse to get him Read more
  • Skipping Injury on the Court
    The warm weather is here and the basketballs are bouncing around the courts! First sign of spring brings the energy to get out here and play a hard game of Read more
  • Foot Fitness
    Spring has arrived and perhaps we didn’t accomplish our winter health goals as much as we had planned. If you have joined a gym and are increasing your weekly aerobic Read more
  • Orthotics and Your Foot Style
    Orthotics come in various materials, sizes and shapes depending on the problem you are experiencing. Zahid Ladha, D.P.M. focuses on orthotic solutions and has been a foot and ankle specialist Read more
  • Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain Help
    Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain The fact that lateral ankle pain is chronic tells us that it is recurring and can be a deal breaker when it comes to certain activities. It Read more
  • Fractured Feet
    Two types of foot fractures: A Stress fracture is a small crack in the bone and is caused by overuse and repeated activity, typically found with runners and athletes that play Read more
  • Foot and Ankle Arthritis Facts
    Foot and ankle arthritis can cause crippling pain and stiffness to those areas preventing you from enjoying the life you once knew. There are many treatments available to slow down Read more
  • It Stinks to Have Stinky Feet
    This is a very sensitive issue to your friend’s noses and to you, the owner of those stinky feet. It can be socially embarrassing and awkward when it’s time to Read more
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