• Study shows Yoga can be helpful for Arthritis
    A new study shows that practicing yoga helps to alleviate the symptoms and pain associated with arthritis. Up until about 20 years ago, exercise was shunned by people with arthritis Read more
  • Gout triggered by Foods High in Purine
    A new study has come out that shows the link of gout to those who have a diet high in purine-rich foods. When the body breaks down purine, a chemical Read more
  • Chronic Ankle Injury can develop quickly
    A study conducted at the University of North Carolina Charlotte used mice to study how the effects of ankle sprains can linger on for life. Young adult mice were separated Read more
  • Barefoot Exercises have Benefits for the Feet
     Thanks to the book “Born to Run” and its spin-off movie, barefoot running became a trending form of exercise. Hundreds of runners began to support the belief that naturally landing Read more
  • Tips for Fall Foot Care
    With the official start of fall now here, many people are switching out their summer flip-flops and sandals for shoes and boots. To throw in some fall foot care and Read more
  • Treating Toenail Fungus
    While toenail fungus is known for being one of the more difficult conditions to clear up, anyone suffering from the condition can take several measures to ensure that the fungus Read more
  • Malik Zaire will repair Broken Ankle with Surgery
    Malik Zaire of Notre Dame has recently undergone surgery to repair a broken right ankle. The quarterback hopes to recover in time for spring practice. The injury in question occurred Read more
  • Surgery for Dez Bryant went well
    Despite recently having undergone surgery on his right foot, Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys shared on social media platform Twitter that the surgery “went great” and he “can’t wait Read more
  • Five Benefits of Ankle Foot Orthotics
    Compared to drugstore inserts, orthotics tend to have many more advantages; people should consider the following five benefits to ankle foot orthotics. Customized orthotics are designed professionally to ensure they Read more
  • Chronic Inflammation a factor in Plantar Fasciitis
    In a recent study on plantar fasciitis, researchers have found that chronic inflammation may have more to do with the breakdown of tissue in the foot than the actual tearing Read more
  • Daily Foot Care for Diabetics
    To prevent various foot problems that are known to occur in diabetics such as decreased blood flow to the lower extremities and nerve damage, diabetics should practice regular preventative measures. Read more
  • Program gives Foot Care to Homeless Veterans
    In the beginning of October, the city of Louisville will be holding what is being called a “stand down” for homeless veterans living on the street and in shelters through Read more
  • Miami Running Back to miss 2015 Season
    Gus Edwards of the Miami Hurricanes will reportedly be missing the 2015 season due to a foot injury. The projected starting running back was injured during an August 22nd scrimmage Read more
  • Back on My Feet uses Exercise to help the Homeless
    A special program in New York City uses running to help combat homelessness and get the homeless back on their feet. Back on My Feet connects participants with housing and Read more
  • Phil Loadholt sustains Achilles Tendon Injury
    Phil Loadholt of the Minnesota Vikings limped off the field during a team scrimmage to unfortunately discover that he had likely sustained a torn Achilles tendon. The injury on his Read more
  • Orthotics are Crucial for Basketball Players
    Basketball players often rely on orthotics to give them extra protection while playing on the court. Orthotics provide a great advantage for the athletes, as they help reduce and prevent Read more
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